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By December 15, 2020 December 18th, 2020 GenFortress

I heard the comment the other day that “it must be tough” to be in the security integrator space because there are so many surveillance manufacturers and so many integrators out there. My first thought was, no not really, unless you are in the dog-eat-dog bid spec world trying to throw the cheapest cameras up on the wall of a fast-food joint, and move on. Who wants to be in that business? Not me, and I am guessing not YOU either.

I am super excited to share my vision for growing an elite group of integrators who aren’t interested in the camera “commodity” market, but rather want to use cutting-edge technology to build great solutions for our customers and make their spaces safer.

I get excited about tackling the harder problems and building unique solutions for my customers. I like to push my Axis, 2N and other manufacturing partners to the limit with their products, always trying to find the best way or a more awesome integration or automation. Sometimes that means lots of analytics and complexity. Sometimes it means trying to go simpler rather than more complex like finding a way to make a high-end camera work like a high-end camera, even inside of Axis Companion (want to activate SpeedDry on a 6125 through the Companion app? Yes you can.)

If this vision resonates with you, then enter your info below and join the group! I believe that a rising tide lifts all boats and working together, sharing problems and solutions, we will all do better work, make more money, and have customers for life!

Here’s to your success!

Feel free to send me an email here if you have specific comments or questions. Otherwise enter your info below to join this elite group of integrators! Cheers!

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