“Matt’s honesty and integrity along with his desire and ability to pay attention to all the details gave me complete confidence in hiring Genesis to design and install the highest quality cameras to protect my business.  Genesis has more than exceeded all my expectations!”

– David Wilkins, Seek Energy partner

Oil field surveillance

Critical Infrastructure project

Seek Energy LLC, out of Tulsa, OK operates remote oil fields in the Texas panhandle.  Drilling rod and other equipment was being stolen.  Unauthorized tankers were stealing oil from the storage tanks.  Seek Energy needed eyes on their investment without having to have security personnel onsite.  They also needed actionable evidence of events and people accessing the site 24/7, providing various hauling, delivery, and maintenance services.

Oil field surveillance provides a unique set of challenges.  This project presented the following:

  • Almost 2-mile distance between North & South areas needed surveillance coverage
  • Needed to identify vehicles & people entering both N & S entrances, 200+ yards, day or night
  • Needed automated tracking to provide details necessary for actionable evidence
  • No network or data infrastructure existed to handle HD video feed transmission
  • High winds and extreme temperatures normal to west Texas


Subject Identification (70 px/ft) needed day or night


Video footage securely routed & recorded at company HQ


Value of resources and equipment being protected