Find a mysterious couch in your dumpster this morning?

By December 9, 2020 Axis, Basics, Schools, Small Business

This happened to me a couple of years ago when we were renovating our 1928 home that we had purchased in a historic neighborhood in Kansas City. When we bought the house it had no running water, HVAC that was 35 years old, and kitchen cabinets that were falling apart, among other things. Needless to say we needed to gut the house and rebuild. This required renting the largest roll-away dumpster we could find (and we filled three of them before we were done!)…well I should say a few of our neighbors helped as well. You see one morning we came over to start working found that a mattress and some other large pieces of furniture had been loving gifted into our huge dumpsters, which I was paying dearly for! If only I had a solution for this when no one was at the house…

We filled three of these huge dumpsters during our renovation, and had some surprise additions by unknown night visitors…

We recently had a client request a quote to solve a similar problem:

Hey Matt, can you help? We have dumpster near our office and have had people coming and throwing all kinds of stuff in there when no one is around…

Business Owner, Lee’s Summit, MO

It turns out we CAN help! The dumpster is 110-feet away from the office, which is a good distance for detailed camera imagery. So I selected an Axis 1435-LE with a 22mm lens, which gives it extra narrow and long field of view that I can focus in and get about 55 pixels per foot at that distance.

Simulated view of 55 pixels / foot

This is a great setup to have visual coverage day or night on this dumpster. But to make the solution really effective and hands-off for our customer, we needed to transform this from passive surveillance to an active deterrence solution. To do this, I added the Axis C1310-E network horn speaker, which will give us about 90dB sound level at this 110-foot distance. (That’s about the same noise as a hair dryer blowing right next to your head–plenty loud!)

Modeled Network Horn coverage and sound levels

By integrating this with the visual camera, we can automatically AND actively deter crime for our customer. We do this by setting up a custom loitering zone around the dumpster. When the loitering analytic is triggered, the network horn can be programmed to play a recorded message telling the offender(s) that they are being recorded on video and that they are trespassing and need to depart (WITH their trash). The second cool thing this allows is our client can talk down live through that speaker, if desired, through his Axis Companion smartphone app.

Passive surveillance made smarter, giving our customers automated, active deterrence.

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