How secure is your school?

By January 18, 2020 Schools

“We never thought it would happen here,” “None of our people would ever do that.” …Perhaps above all else, the most effective security program is the proactive and anticipatory one, far above the reactive one. -150 Things You Should Know About Security, Fennelly & Perry

No one likes to consider what might happen…

Schools in America today face many challenges, working in a broken world with broken people. Threats to those involved in education are both external and internal. Since 1999 in Columbine, there have been about 220 acts of violence in schools, 59 of which were deadly in the U.S., not to mention countless acts of vandalism, bullying, drug related activities and theft. Sadly, internal attacks like abuse and predatory behavior are even more common, and often would-be perpetrators seek out high-trust environments like schools. In addition to adhering to strong safety policies, reducing opportunity for these crimes through surveillance and building access control is a critical line of defense.

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